States asked to strengthen tribal research institutes


11 Mar, 2015

NEW DELHI: The Union Tribal Affairs Minister Jual Oram has written to all the states asking them to strengthen Tribal Research Institutes (TRIs) in terms of manpower, delegation of power and documenting tribal languages in local script.

The Minister has also urged the states, except Delhi, Harynana and Punjab (which have no tribal population), to encourage tribal paintings, handlooms, architecture, literature, music, tribal medicines etc.

In a letter to the Chief Ministers of states, Oram noted that TRIs, which were constituted for research and documentation on socio-cultural and liguistic aspects of tribal life have become weak over the years.

“Posts are not being filled up. While funds are released by the Union government of India for the TRIs, their release is delayed due to numerous factors,” he said.

He noted that sometimes when a project is approved by the Centre, it needs further approval of state government “which appears redundant because the project has been sanctioned in consultation with the state governments”.

“These aspects require urgent attention,” he said. “The Prime Minister himself had observed that Tribal Research Institutes need to have larger role in policy making pertaining to STs. Policy inputs need to be collected and TRIs need to be developed with top class research centres,” the letter said.

Oram has directed the state governments to convert the TRIs into a registered society so that funds can be released directly and approval process of projects can be expedited. He also urged state governments to document the local dialect and tribal languages in the local script.

“Projects sanctioned by Union government in which the component of contractual staff etc is supported should not require another round of approvals by various departments in state goverment,” Oram stated in his letter.

He also asked states having substantial tribal population to set up TRIs, if they do not have them.

“TRIs should also be on tourist map if they have a robust museum. The museum should also showcase live demonstration such as paintings, handlooms, handicrafts etc,” he added.

Source: PTI, Times of India)

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